Sunday, 8 September 2013

Russell Brand interview with Alex Jones on Syria

1) the Russell Brand guy keeps saying none sense which is impossible to follow, just talk without any substance! no one will understand a word he says because there is nothing to understand

2) Alex Jones guy keeps acknowledging the speaker by saying that it was amazing, he was fascinated with it, intelligent guy the Russell person is, how outside the box he is, he is indeed the Thomas Jefferson himself! hooray! what a great man is on the phone!

then the outcome of 1 & 2 is some sort of social pressure on unaware listener to just pretend that they understand and that they also agree with the guest speaker (Russel Brand)

this is simply abusing human herd instinct! an unaware listener doesn't understand what is being said, but understands the repeated acknowledgements the speaker(Russell Brand) receives from the presenter(Alex Jones). So this creates the pressure for the unaware listener to join the herd and agree with whatever is being said!

Also an unaware listener doesn't want to look stupid by confessing that he actually didn't understand a word (no one will understand a word because there is nothing to understand) this is a technique effectively used by priests/mullahs for thousands of years in order to gather simple minded individuals under a faith/religion flag

Alex Jones has a reputation for being  a nutter any ways: