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James Burgess (Sufi) - 7Words Scepticism - 7Words Basics and Fundamentals (video 1/3)

When it comes to "Nero Linguistic Programming" in order to describe how un-serious and un-credible it is, I would like to attract the attention of whomever reading this to a "cat" (yes as pet "cat") who was registered by its owner in "British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (BBNLP)" as a hypnotherapist.

This is important because the two basis of 7words as he says are based on:

1) NLP (Nero-Linguistic-Programming) which as per example of hypnotherapist cat is an unserious subject and it is scientifically discredited as a pseudo-science

2) Sufism; he seem to have his very own definition of Sufism (amongst many other dictionary words he tries to redefine to his own terms). I feel this word is only used for "coolness" purposes by him to give the 7words system the punch. 

There are hundreds if not thousand different schools of Sufism out there, each have a different often contradictory philosophy - so to use the word Sufism as a general term is wrong on the first place.

I am not sure how practical it is to try to redefine a well know word such as "Sufism" in this case and to use it to express something else ...
at 10:35
JB : When light is vibrating very slowly we have physical matter!
JB : thats obvious life is physical
Not quiet sure what he means when he just suddenly mentions this without any background? what does he mean by light vibration? How does it effect human mind? Why and when it vibrates slowly? who slow vibration of light effects human mind? who see or proved that it does and the effect of slow or fast vibration of light on physical matter? what causes light to vibrate fast-ly then? speed of light is equal to 299 792 458 m / s
at 9:54
JB: 7 plains of consciousness are expressed by different "vibration of light"
JB: this is not crazy mysticism
JB: leading edge physicists also talk in this terms
JB: and some psychologist have recognized these to

Looks as if he is trying to legitimize "crazy mysticism" as he says by involving some unnamed and perhaps imaginary scientists who he claims also confirm this! why can't he mention the names of the scientist who talk in the same terms then if they exisit?
Hard to accept scientists agree with what he says in terms of "light vibrations" effecting human mind. 

James Burgess doesn't really explain what the "Light Vibrations" are on the first place!

at 5:40
JB: Sufi teacher is enlightened and the students suppose to trust that!
And what a humble opinion James Burgess has about himself! In normal circumstances if someone implies that he is "enlightened" and everyone else need to trust him on the basis of the "enlightenment" he claims to have, he could be diagnosed with narcissism! this guy seem to be getting away with it for some reason! i am supprised why no one amongst the audience break into laughter. 

Maybe the audience are coercively persuaded to believe him perhaps?
at 05:22
JB: And yet sufism just tells you the way it is, it doesn't explain and defend its arguments at all!
So is it an advantage of Sufism that without bringing a reason dfines a way of life as he claims? Then why should anyone risk to follow someone who narcissistically claims that he is enlightened and worthy to be followed?

on what bases this trust has to develop? just because he says he is enlightened and he wears a beard and a waistcoat
seem to be a middle-ages way of accepting and following an ideology! based on the charisma of the person who advocate and propagate it, not its contents and what it says...

at 11:40
The analogy of separating heart and mind is another unscientific thing he says
love, think, awareness and all we are is in the brain - major part of the brain is its subconscious, and IMHO in ancient times as they didn't know it exist, they associated its functions to other body parts such as heart. IMHO They even made up a body part and called it "soul" and associated subconscious functions to it.

Heart is made of muscles it doesn't have any functionality in terms of feeling love, etc.

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