Wednesday, 2 October 2013

James Burgess (Sufi) - 7Words Scepticism - General Question - Body Language (video 3/3)

JB: I am saying I am not gonna deal with a general question .... 
specific question! how more specific a question can be!? she asks for an example of when goodbye is more about getting involved! And it is quiet possible to provide a general answer without taking this into discussing people's husbands and jobs! for example he could answer:

"when you say goodbye to a habit of procrastination then you are saying hello to a more concentrating  - state of mind - which means you are now more involved with things which have higher priority in your life"

And its not only this occasion  I am talking about a whole trend of refusing to answer to questions which address the fundamentals of his ideas. I think he tries to keep everything as "circumstantial" as possible in order to have a get away if things got too controversial.

Is it all just a show!?

looks more of a flirting body language to me, than of someone's who is giving professional relationship counselling...

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